During my years of developing I've worked with talented, untalented, good and bad developers. The talented aren't always good and the untalented aren't always bad. What I've found though is that the passionate are always good regardless of talent and the talented and passionate are very good.

I am both talented and passionate. I take pride in my code, my designs and my industry because I love what I do, do it well and love to work with others who share those same attributes. My favorite times are when I'm designing and building applications and working with others who can challenge and teach me as well as be humble enough to be taught in return.

I have a penchant for design and my goal is to be an applications architect. I have been privileged in filling aspects of that role within the opportunities of my career. From developing a MVC patterned .NET solution without knowing what MVC was, to creating serialization utilities to support rapid development, to skinning SharePoint and writing entire websites from scratch I've done it. Looking back I am thankful for those opportunities that taught the why's and wherefores, the way to think and as I've matured the surety that I can design and create something that's never been done as well as take and make use of things that are already out there.

I have lead dev teams and collaborated successfully with others. I have worked directly with clients and brought solutions and fixes from inception to completion both alone and as a part of a team. I am confident enough to dive in without knowing anything as if I knew it all yet also humble enough to see that I'm there for the client/project or company and not for my own pride.

This site is my resume and like my career and my industry it is in constant change.