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  • jQuery.aautoscroll

    Autoscroll provides the capability to scroll any scrollable element in any direction and provides a number of methods to manipulate the scrolling. It includes a pause on hover and the ability to add other elements as pause on hover triggers.

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  • jQuery.inView (visible)

    Filter and selector extender to determine if the element is in view. Honors multiple nested scrollable elements.


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  • Serialization for RAD: A Better Approach [original publication]

    A common problem that developers have with serialization is dealing with the unknown derived classes of the serialized types. Often serialization errors occur when Typed object collections have instances of an object derived Type. This is due to the XmlSerializer not knowing how to resolve the type of the object.

    A common workaround is to register those derived types using the [XmlInclude(Type type)] custom attribute. While this works, it does not support future extensibility. Any new derived classes are not elegantly or easily handled. Custom serializers would have to be written on a case by case basis.

    This is unacceptable for supporting rapid develoment. To solve the issue of supporting elegant and rapid development, I have created a simple service to make use of the XmlSerializer constructors with the inclusion of Type[] extraTypes and custom attributes that can be adorned to class declarations.

    The solution presented is easy to use, elegant and requires a minimum of developer intervention to implement and make use of. 

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  • Serializable Extra Types for .NET 4 [original publication]

    This is an updated article and code base from my original publication [Serialization for Rapid Application Development: A Better Approach] here at CodeProject. After several years of growth in ability and advances in technology I decided it was time to update that code base and article for use in .Net 4. The result of this is a much smaller code base, unit tests to back them up and fixes to some issues concerning discovery within a web environment.

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  • Multi-Server MVC Elmah Log Viewer

    This is a project to allow the viewing of Elmah logs from across your organization.

    Works with MVC 3 and 4 and is now a fully working portable area.  Includes an MVC 3, MVC 4 and MVC 4 Mobile project.

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